Snow Removal

During a snow storm, Rockville plows 160 lane miles of roadways, 30 miles of publicly owned sidewalks, walkways and pathways, and 18 city-owned facilities and parks with parking lots. The State of Maryland is responsible for plowing state-owned roads, including MD 28, MD 355, MD 586 and MD 911.

 Snow Plowing Priorities

  1. Primary roads consist of major arterial roads, emergency routes, central business districts and primary residential roads near schools. 
  2. Secondary roads consist of the remainder of neighborhood streets, alleyways and cul-de-sacs.
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Property Owners 

After a storm, property and business owners are expected to clear sidewalks withing 24-72 hours of the last snowfall. City crews coordinate road clearing and sidewalk work depending on the severity of the storm. Accessible curb ramps, sidewalks and pathways on publicly-owned property are cleared by crews from city departments.

  • 1-3 inches=24 hours
  • 3-9 inches=48 hours
  • More than 10 inches=72 hours

Help a Neighbor in Need

There are also opportunities to volunteer when others who may not be able to clear snow need some help. Many seniors depend on the help of volunteers. If you can help, call the Senior Center and center officials will work to pair you with a senior in need of help in your neighborhood. Call 240-314-8810.