Development Watch Map

This interactive map shows major development applications currently under review and recently approved or completed in the City of Rockville. Updates to the map are made as the status of applications change and can be followed by signing up for the Development Watch Newsletter. Please note that every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. If there are questions on specific projects, please contact the Project Planner associated with the specific application or the Community Planning and Development Services Department directly at 240-314-8200.

Applications are also listed by their review status on these pages:

Pre-Applications | Applications In Process | Approved Applications | Approved Tolled Applications | Completed Applications

Development Watch legend.jpg

How to use this map

To locate a project on the map, type in its street address in the search bar (e.g., 111 Maryland Ave) or zoom and pan to a location directly on the map. To zoom, double left-click anywhere on the map, use a mouse scroll wheel, or click on the map +/- zoom buttons. To pan or move the map to a new location, left-click and hold while dragging on the map with a mouse. To find out more about a highlighted project on the map, single left-click it for a pop-up window showing project details.