How many officers are in the Department?
The Department currently has 57 sworn officers and 36 civilian employees.

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1. Where is the Police Department located?
2. How do I contact the Police Department?
3. How many officers are in the Department?
4. I would like to ride along with a police officer. How do I sign up?
5. If I have a complaint against a Rockville City Police Department employee, what should I do?
6. How do I obtain a copy of a police report or accident report?
7. How can I report a traffic-related problem in my neighborhood?
8. How can I report a vehicle left on the street for a long period of time?
9. How can I report narcotics activity in my neighborhood?
10. Can I make a police report over the phone or does a police officer have to come to my house?
11. I received a traffic ticket, where do I pay?
12. I received a traffic ticket and I don't think it is fair. What can I do?
13. Why aren't officers catching "real" criminals, instead of writing tickets?
14. Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?
15. What can I do about barking dogs in my neighborhood? How can I report animals running loose in my neighborhood?
16. What can I do about my noisy neighbors?
17. Can I have an officer check on a license plate?
18. Saw an officer "bust" an intersection with his lights and siren only to turn them off when he/she got down the road. What was he doing?
19. Why can't officers resolve or intervene in a civil matter?
20. Why do officers shine so many lights when they stop a vehicle?
21. Why do I see officers speeding all over the place?
22. I'm intimidated by officers, would they mind me saying "hi" or shaking their hand?