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Picnic in City of Rockville Parks - Resident / Non-Resident Park Rental Request

  1. All park rental requests require 2 weeks advance notice. Parks are open to City residents and nonresidents. park rules, regulations and fees.

    Note:Requests for rental will not be honored if received after 5pm on September 29, 2017. Any requests after that date will not be accepted.

    If you would like to check the availability of a particular park, please fill out and submit the form below. Parks not listed in the drop-down box are not available for permitting.

    You will be contacted once the various departments have coordinated availability. You will receive information regarding availability. If available, you will receive a permit via e-mail to sign and return within 24 hours. If neither park is available, you will need to resubmit a new online form with new information.

    Be sure to check your e-mail spam and trash boxes if you have not received a response or permit within the time described.

    The picnic area is not reserved for you until you sign, date, return the permit and pay in full.

  2. Rental requests will not be honored after September 29.

  3. Rental requests will not be honored after September 29.

    Tents are not allowed on City property. Security deposit will be forfeited if tenting structures are set up on City property.

    Park rules prohibit collection of money on City property.

    Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the office.

    Caterers are not permitted on the property except for the permitted hours.

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