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What are sharrows?
Sharrows are shared lane markings that use a bicycle symbol with two arrows above it (shared lane + arrow = sharrow).

Unless otherwise indicated, bicycles always have the right to use the road just as a car does. On certain roads that include higher bicycle volumes or roads that are intended to be bicycle routes, sharrows help mark that. They provide visual cues for drivers to be aware of cyclists, and they encourage cyclists to use the lane safely.

The sharrow is just another tool we have to remind people to be safe and courteous with other road users.

How do I bike and drive on a road with a sharrow?
Just like you would on any other road!

The symbol is intended to alert automobile drivers that cyclists might be present. If there is a cyclist, yield to them as you normally would until it is safe to pass with at least 3 feet of room between the vehicle and the bicyclist. If there isn't a cyclist, drive as you normally would with extra caution that cyclists may be ahead or may enter the roadway ahead.

For cyclists, the marking is an indication to take the lane safely. Ride as far to the right as you are physically comfortable with. If there are parked cars on the right side of the road, ride your bicycle towards the center of the road to avoid car doors opening.