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May I Register to Vote?

All residents of Montgomery County may register to vote, if they meet the following requirements:

  • County resident
  • United States citizen
  • At least 16 years of age (You may register to vote at 16 but cannot vote until at least 18 years of age by the date of the next general or special election.) For the 2019 Rockville municipal election, you must be 18 years old by Nov. 5, 2019 to be eligible to vote.   
  • Are not under guardianship for mental disability, or if you are, have not been found by a court to be unable to communicate a desire to vote
  • Have not been convicted of a felony, or if you have, you have completed serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment, including any term of parole or probation for the conviction

Where Do I Register?

The city hosts a voter registration marathon at several sites around Rockville prior to each election.

Permanent Registration Application Sites
Voter Registration Applications are available in Montgomery County at the following :

  • Rockville City Hall, City Clerk/Director of Council Operations' Office
  • Montgomery County Post Offices
  • Montgomery County Public Libraries
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Montgomery College Campuses
  • Montgomery County Government Regional Services Centers
  • Montgomery County Community Health Centers
  • Montgomery County Aging and Disability Services
  • Montgomery County MVA Offices
  • Montgomery County Licensing
  • Montgomery County Register of Wills

Voter registration applications are available from the Elections Office, 18753 North Frederick Avenue Suite 210, Gaithersburg. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; telephone (240) 777-8500. You may have a form mailed to you by calling the 24-hour voter information line at (240) 777-VOTE and leaving your name and address after the recorded message.

Large type applications are available upon request via email   or telephone 240-777-8507.

When Can I Register?

You may register to vote at any time. However, voter registration is closed from 21 days before until 11 days after the primary election, and 21 days before until 11 days after the general election. Voter registration applications received while the voter rolls are closed are processed when voter registration reopens. Qualified citizens can find the registration form in the following manner:

  • Request to mail form to their residence,
  • Fax the registration document to your requested phone number,
  • Visit Montgomery County's web site at www.777vote.org,
  • Visit any public library in Montgomery County,
  • Visit the US Post Office in your neighborhood,
  • Request through the State Board of Elections,
  • Request through the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene,
  • Request through the Department of Social Services,
  • Request through the Motor Vehicle Administration,
  • Request through Offices on Aging,
  • Request through the MTA Paratransit Certification Office,
  • Request through public institutions of higher education,
  • Request through recruitment offices of the U.S. Armed Forces,
  • Request through Marriage License offices, and
  • Request through offices for students with disabilities at all Maryland colleges and universities.


If you have not received a card within three (3) weeks of sending in your voter registration application, please call the office at (240) 777-8500. The voter notification card includes your name, address, party affiliation, polling place location, and respective election districts. 

Can I Fax My Completed Voter Registration Application?

No. Under Maryland election law, a voter registration application must contain the original signature. It must be mailed (it must have a postmark date stamped on the envelope) or hand delivered by the deadline. 

How Can I Get The Form To Register To Vote?

The options for obtaining registration forms are mail, in person, visit website or fax.

  • Request that form is mailed to your residence with a request via phone, mail or fax.
  • Call 240-777-VOTE or 240-777-8500 and request the registration document faxed to your requested phone number.
  • Visit Montgomery County's web site at www.777vote.org, and download form and complete.
  • Visit any public library in Montgomery County.
  • Visit the US Post Office in your neighborhood for the registration form.
  • Request through the State Board of Elections.
  • Request through the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  • Request through the Department of Social Services.
  • Request through the Motor Vehicle Administration.
  • Request through Offices on Aging.
  • Request through the MTA Paratransit Certification Office.
  • Request through public institutions of higher education.
  • Request through recruitment offices of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Request through Marriage License offices.
  • Request through offices for students with disabilities at all Maryland colleges and universities.

Is My Registration Permanent?

In Maryland, registration is permanent as long as you keep your Maryland address current. If you move within the state, you must notify the new jurisdiction of your change of address. If you move to another state, you must re-register in that jurisdiction.

Is Identification Required To Register To vote?

Yes. In addition to basic identifying information, federal law requires that voter applications must provide a Maryland driver's license or MVA ID Card number or, if you do not have a driver's license number, at least the last four digits of your social security number on your application. Your application will NOT be successfully processed unless you provide this information or affirm, under penalty of perjury, that you do not have a driver's license or social security number. In accordance to State Board of Elections regulations the Local Board of Elections is required to mail a voter notification card to your residence to complete your application procedure. 

May I Apply To Register To Vote By Mail?

Yes. The board can mail you the application, fax the voter application or you can download from the Montgomery County website www.777vote.org If this is your first time registering to vote in Maryland and you register by mail, you will be asked to produce identification when you vote the first time.

May I Register To Vote At My Business Address, Or May I Use Only A PO Box?

No.  A person may only register to vote using his or her address at their place of residence.  A business address or PO Box number may only be used as a mailing address. The Board of Elections is required to mail a voter notification card and sample ballot before each election to all voters. Voters will be assigned to vote at the location with the correct ballot style reflecting your representatives by subdivision of government or may vote by mail ballot or visit an Early Voting Center.


I want to make a change to my (name, address, party affiliation) on my voter registration. What do I have to do?

All registered voters are required to keep their voter registration information current. This includes changes of name or address. Maryland law requires voters to notify their respective elections office of these changes within 30 days.

A change of name, address or party affiliation must be made in writing and signed by the voter. Changes can be made at any time voter registration is open.

Forms for voter registration changes are available at the Board of Elections and/or can be downloaded by clicking here. You may also send any changes in writing to the elections office. Please include your date of birth; original name, address, or party affiliation; the change you wish to make; sign and date the information, and mail or fax to:

Montgomery County Board of Elections
P.O. Box 4333
Rockville, MD 20849-4333
FAX (240) 777-8600

What If I Moved And Did Not Re-Register To Vote?  Will I Be Allowed To Vote?

Yes.  Plan to take extra time to vote if you visit the neighborhood precinct, as you will need to vote a Provisional Ballot. You must go to the precinct that serves your residence. (Use the Montgomery County Polling Place Locator to input current address  to locate your polling place and vote there on Election Day.) Visit www.777vote.org; enter the voter’s address in the polling place locator.

Another option is to come to the Montgomery County Board of Elections at 18753 N. Frederick Avenue, Suite 210 Gaithersburg, MD 20879 and vote an absentee/provisional ballot in person. Ballot for absentee and provisional are not counted until after Election Day in accordance to law.  

I Did Not Vote In The Last Elections. Do I Need To Re-Register To Vote?

No. You are registered to vote as long as you remain at the same address, and you should continue to receive election materials in the mail. However, if you move to a different address or have not voted in the last several elections, you may have been sent a notice requesting that you either confirm that you have not moved or provide current residence address information. Visit www.777vote.org for more information. 

Why is my voter registration canceled? 

Your registration may have been canceled for failure to respond to an address confirmation mailing and have not voted in two consecutive federal general elections. The Board cancels voter registrations when we have been notified that the individual is registered to vote in another state. 

How Do I Notify The Board Of Elections Of A Death Of A Voter?

The Board will accept a photocopy of a death certificate. Another option is the next of kin may submit a letter detailing the name, address and date of birth of the deceased voter with the name, address, signature and relationship to deceased voter of the person submitting the death notification to the Board of Elections. This may be submitted by e-mail, fax or letter. Notice from newspaper is not acceptable.

I Received A Notice For (Member Of The Family) And This Person Died. What Do I Need To Do?

Maryland law requires that the Board must receive an official notice. If you photocopy or fax the Board a note stating the name and date of birth of the deceased person and a copy of the death certificate, we will remove that individual from the list of registered voters. The notice from the newspaper is not acceptable.

Is It True That Voter Registration Lists Are Used To Select Citizens For Jury Duty?

Yes.  Maryland law directs the Board of Elections to make the list available to the Courts. The jury commission notifies the board of any voter changes and the board updates the voter registration record in accordance to law.

I've Received Mailings From The County Board Of Elections Telling Me That Information In My Application Could Not Be Verified. What Does This Mean?

This means that, although you provided your driver's license or social security number on the application, the State was unable to verify this number and requested additional information from you. This could happen for many reasons, including the following: parts of your application were illegible or incorrect; errors occurred in the process of entering data from your application into the State's database; OR older records in other systems used a different name, e.g., the maiden name of a woman who now uses her married name.

If you have not already submitted the requested information, you may do so when you vote in the upcoming election. When you vote in person, please bring one of the following with you to the polls. If you are voting by absentee ballot, please include a copy of one of the following with your absentee ballot.  PLAN on taking extra time to vote as you will be required to vote a PROVISIONAL BALLOT or vote absentee and submit the required information with your ballot:

Current and valid photo identification (a Maryland driver's license or MVA-issued ID card; student, employee or military ID card; United States passport; or any other State or federal government-issued ID card); or

Current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

At the polls, you will be required to vote by provisional ballot. Providing the above requested information will complete your registration. Your provisional ballot will be counted if your application is complete and your ballot is properly cast. 

How Do I Affiliate With A Political Party?

You have the option to register with any of Maryland's recognized political parties. If you do not choose to register with a party, you will be considered as "Unaffiliated."

If I Do Not Affiliate With A Political Party, What Does That Mean?

If registered as unaffiliated, you will generally not be able to vote in primary elections, but you will be able to vote in any nonpartisan primary election held in your jurisdiction, such as a primary election to select nominees for the board of education. Party affiliation will not have an impact in this General Election, all voters in the precinct receive the same ballot. Maryland has a closed primary system.

I Became A New Citizen After The Close Of Voter Registration. Can I Still Vote?

Yes, if you are a city resident, you may register and vote during early voting and on Election Day at City Hall, 111 Maryland Ave.