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Bikeway Master Plan
Bicycling in Rockville is for all types of trips, for all types of people, for all parts of the city.

The Rockville Bikeway Master Plan (Plan) is a component of the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan and provides a vision for a safe and efficient multimodal transportation system within the City of Rockville. First adopted in 1981, the Plan was updated in 1998 and again in 2004 to reflect new opportunities for network expansion and program development.

The 2017 Rockville Bikeway Master Plan builds on the great accomplishments of the past with an emphasis on greater network connectivity and promotion of cycling as a legitimate means of transport to be considered as part of all urban design, land use planning, transport planning and the planning and delivery of major projects.

The Plan is intended to be used by City staff, elected officials, and residents as a guide for improving bicycle infrastructure and programs over the next ten years. While the Plan articulates a vision for the City’s bikeway network, it is not an exhaustive list of possibilities and new bikeway infrastructure will be considered as opportunities arise.

The Plan proposes 21.9 miles of new dedicated bikeway facilities and 19.1 miles of new shared roadway designations in the City of Rockville within the next ten years. These proposals mark an increase to the current 34.3 miles of separated bikeway facilities and 33.5 miles of shared roadway designations throughout the city. Fully implemented, this Plan should help to provide a safe, practical, and efficient bikeway network that is connected with commercial, cultural, recreation, residential, and employment destinations throughout the City of Rockville.

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The Rockville Bikeway Master Plan was approved by the Planning Commission on September 28, 2016, and adopted by the Mayor and Council on April 3, 2017.

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