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Board of Supervisors of Elections Process for Duplicating Ballots
  1. This Process for Duplicating Ballots applies to both Absentee Ballots and Provisional Ballots.
  2. If a ballot is not accepted by the scanner, the Board of Supervisors of Elections will review the ballot to determine whether the ballot should and can be duplicated:

    a. If the Board determines that the ballot should and can be duplicated, one 
    member of the Board will read the votes on the ballot while another member of the Board fills in a new ballot.

    b. The original ballot will be stamped "duplicate" on both sides and placed in the Duplicate Folder.

    c. The new ballot will then be put through the scanner.

    d. If the Board determines that the ballot should not or cannot be duplicated, the Board will vote whether to reject the ballot. If a ballot is rejected, it will be placed in the Reject Folder.

    e. Rejected ballot/s require a unanimous vote. If the vote is not unanimous, the ballot must be accepted, duplicated and scanned.

    f. The Duplicate Folder and the Reject Folder will be given to the City Clerk.