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Watkins Pond Improvement Project

Watkins Pond Design

The Watkins Pond Stormwater Management Facility was originally designed and constructed to collect and slow stormwater runoff and reduce water pollution from a 300 acre drainage area. Over the years, the ponds have filled up with sediment deposited by runoff as it slows down upon reaching the facility. As a result, the ponds no longer function as originally designed and the water quality benefits are limited due to water flowing straight through the pond instead of taking a more circuitous route. In addition, beavers activity has damaged the surrounding landscape and affects the facility's function. 

Restoring the Watkins Pond Stormwater Facility is a high priority project in the City of Rockville's Stormwater Management Program because of the ponds' large drainage area and opportunity for improved stormwater treatment. The Watkins Pond Improvement Project will restore the stormwater facility and the surrounding landscape to its original design as well as add improvement to reduce beaver impacts.

 Location: 300 Watkins Overlook  View Map

Status: Construction has begun. Residents may experience increased construction traffic in the immediate vicinity of the ponds on Watkins Pond Boulevard, Watkins Overlook, and Game Creek Drive.

Estimated Completion: Spring 2017

Planned Improvements

  • Remove accumulated sediment
  • Increase the depth of the pools to improve stormwater quality treatment
  • Plant over 60 trees of 6 different varieties
  • Plant native marsh wetland habitat around the pond
  • Install devices to limit beavers ability to cause facility malfunctions
  • Restore existing pond maintenance paths
  • Repair gabion mattresses at outfall weir (concrete wall)
  • Restore 50 feet of destabilized stream 
  • Perform other facility maintenance

The City of Rockville is helping protect turtles during stormwater facility construction. Watch the video above to learn more about the story.

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Gabe Kosarek, Rockville Project Manager, at 240-314-8513 or