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Mosquito Control in Rockville
The city is partnering with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) to reduce mosquito breeding. MDA will perform monthly monitoring, from May through September, of select city-owned properties. MDA will treat water on the properties with an Environmental Protection Agency-approved larvicide, when appropriate. In addition, the city is training employees, with help from MDA, about how to identify and reduce mosquito breeding areas. 

Rockville also inspects public and private stormwater facilities (e.g. ponds that collect and release stormwater runoff) to ensure the facilities are functioning properly, and enforces maintenance and repairs, when necessary. If designed and maintained properly, stormwater facilities are not the preferred habitat of mosquitoes.

Asian tiger mosquitoes, the primary nuisance mosquito in Maryland, commonly breed in small containers of stagnant water easily found on residential lots. A capful of water is enough, so it is important that we all do our part to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats in our own backyards. To learn more about how you can reduce mosquitoes visit the Backyard Mosquito Checklist.