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"No Filter, Please Don't Litter" by Henry Marnghitr
 Henry Marnghitr Mural
Location: Chapman Ave, in front of Twinbrook Metro Station

"It will be a constant reminder that what goes through the storm drains ends up on our rivers and the bay, affecting our ecosystem." - Henry Marnghitr

Mural Inspiration

My mural depicts what happens and what will keep happening if we don't pick up after ourselves. The main concept revolves around the fact that there are no filters or there is little treatment to the storm drain water. The message is emphasized by the title "No filter, Please Don't Litter". It will be a constant reminder that what goes through the storm drains ends up on our rivers and the bay, affecting our ecosystem. The blue heron and blue crab in my depiction present a direct connection to what everyone knows as our local wildlife and, in the case of the blue crab, our food source. By including these lovable characters, people might be more sympathetic and think twice before letting something go through the storm drain. Close ups of items are near the mouth of the drain suggesting that people could and should pick these up and that they have the power to making a difference. I have also included a hidden but equally important message within my design. Aside from the obvious items a list of pollutants (oil, antifreeze, soap from washing your car, chemicals) derived from neglect run through the water. Just like in real life, these pollutants might be somewhat invisible at first glance. These items are probably the most difficult for people to think about and I’m hoping by including them people will take a second and learn about how to keep these pollutants from reaching our waters.

Play the video above to see a time lapse of Henry's mural painting process.
Henry Marnghitr
About Henry

Henry Marnghitr was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2001 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since then he has been devoting his time and talents to his career in graphic design. Through years of professional experience, he has developed extensive technical skills in print, web and multimedia. His work spans numerous local, national, and international projects from the US to South America to Europe and Australia. In recent years Henry has been focusing on getting back to his passion in fine arts, such as drawing, painting, and sculpting. During his free time he also enjoys participating in obstacle course races.