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"Beauty & Brains" by Sara Moline
 Sara Moline Mural
Location: Corner of Atlantic Avenue and Wainwright Avenue, next to Twinbrook Community Recreation Center

"I want to showcase the variety and beauty to be found in native plants."
- Sara Moline

Mural Inspiration

This mural depicts several species of native plants found in the Northeastern U.S. Each plant was selected by considering its color, height, familiarity, pollinators, and personal preferences. I want to showcase the variety and beauty to be found in native plants. As a certified Weed Warrior of Montgomery County, I understand that these gorgeous plants are losing habitat to non-native invasive species, among other man-made threats. Therefore, I like to promote local varieties that provide just as much splendor as the many exotic ornamentals that harm our local ecosystem. Native ferns, grasses, groundcovers, herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees & vines can actually help people save money and the planet; growing them is a win-win situation. Thus the reason why I titled the work “Beauty & Brains.” Many native plants have beautiful blooms which attract desired pollinators such as honeybees, Monarch butterflies, and hummingbirds, providing them with food. They also help reduce yard maintenance costs. Hazardous pesticides & fertilizers aren’t needed; indigenous plants naturally developed to thrive in their local environments. They don’t really need to be watered, save for when they are first planted, thus lowering water bills. In fact, natives retain more water than lawn grasses and help prevent erosion. Most importantly, they improve air quality as they do not require the use of mowers, blowers, or other powered tools. Eliminating the use of such tools also decreases noise pollution. Therefore, we end up with a prettier, quieter, healthier environment, starting right in our own backyards.

Sara painting
Sara Moline
About Sara

Sara Moline is a Rockville native. She is a lifelong artist who developed her skills within MCPS, Montgomery College, and the Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration. Sara remains a part of Rockville's art community and gives back in various ways. Last year, she collaborated with students at Twinbrook Elementary on a mural celebrating Earth Week. She has also donated art supplies to the Twinbrook Rec Center. Currently, Sara serves on the City's Cultural Arts Commission. She attends local art shows and recently co-curated an art exhibit that was held at Artists & Makers Studios in June 2016. During the summer of 2016, Sara worked for a Rockville based non-profit, So What Else, as a camp counselor teaching art & crafts.