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Hungerford-Stoneridge Design Concepts

Existing Hungerford-Stoneridge SWM Facility
Existing Hungerford-Stoneridge Stormwater Management Facility

At the direction of DPW staff, the city’s consultant, Bayland Consultants and Designers, Inc., has prepared two design concepts for facility improvements. These concepts include deepening and expanding the treatment cells, improving the channel that connects them and planting new high/low marsh vegetation and trees throughout the facility for wildlife habitat and aesthetics. The improvements in both concepts are kept within the footprint of the existing facility as seen in the photo above. 

Concept Plan 1

Concept Plan #1 increases the depth of the pools from four feet to six to seven feet and creates two additional discrete cells within the existing low marsh area for a total of four pools.  These pools are connected by a meandering channel which is deeper than the channel that was included in the existing design.  This channel enhances the treatment effects of the facility by lengthening the path of the water that flows through it. Two small islands which could support tree planting are included within the channel and cells.  There is also room for an extensive amount of high and low marsh wetland planting areas in this design.  This concept would increase the treatment capacity of the facility by 21% over the original design.

Concept Plan 2

Concept Plan #2 merges the low marsh area with one of the two existing pool to create to create one large treatment cell.  This facility would have two cells versus the four proposed in Concept Plan #1.  There is also a 15’ wide perimeter of high and low marsh wetland plantings surrounding the facility, and space for tree planting along the eastern edge.   Converting the low marsh area into a treatment cell increases the capacity of the facility by 43%.