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Caregiver Funding Task Force
The overall objective of the Caregiver Funding Task Force (CFTF) is to develop a comprehensive process for reviewing and recommending Caregiver funding by:
  • Examining the current Caregiver grant process,
  • Considering the purpose of the City's nonprofit funding,
  • Reviewing and analyzing the processes that are utilized by other government agencies and best practices in grant award processes, including examining options of awarding funding as grants, contracts, or through a formal procurement process,
  • Proposing eligibility and selection criteria,
  • Discussing funding prioritization across human service areas, including assessing duplication of effort/services/customers across City funded Caregiver agencies,
  • Reviewing the roles of the Mayor and Council, City Manager, City Finance Department, the application review panel, and the Human Services Advisory Commission in the funding process, and
  • Outlining a comprehensive process for reviewing applications and recommending funding for the city manager's proposed budget.

The membership of the CFTF will be appointed by the Mayor and Council and will consist of nine individuals representing a variety of stakeholders and organizations.


  • Melanie Coffin

  • Theresa Fritz

  • Lesley MacDonald

  • Joel Nantais
  • Sylvia Pacher

  • Mark Pascu
  • Agnes Saenz
  • Rachel Werner

While the CFTF members will represent their respective organizations, it is anticipated that, whenever practicable, they will also be Rockville residents.

If a vacancy occurs, it will be filled in the same manner as the initial appointment.

Functional Roles
The Mayor and Council of the City of Rockville are the authorizing body for the creation of the CFTF. Other roles include:
  • Task Force Leader: the CFTF will select a leader who sets the meeting agendas, leads task force meetings, delegates assignments, summarizes key meeting outcomes and next steps, facilitates resolution differences of opinion, and ensures team adheres to meeting guidelines.
  • Staff Liaison: a non-voting, city manager appointed staff member will coordinate administration, keep minutes and records of key meeting outcomes and activities, endure accurate and timely distribution of team correspondence, and endure the process is coordinated with the City of Rockville and the Mayor and Council.

Team Meetings
Meetings will be held at least monthly, with the goal of each meeting resulting in progress toward the Task Force's final product. The team will identify the agenda, purpose and deliverables of each meeting in advance.

As a Mayor and Council appointed task force, the meetings will be subject to the Maryland Open Meetings Act. That will involve posting meeting agendas in advance and adopting and posting meeting minutes in advance of the next Task Force meeting.

The CFTF will choose the meeting days and times based on the availability of task force members and City resources.

Decision Making
Task Force decision making will follow these guidelines:
  • Engage in open discussion on topics, soliciting opinions from all members,
  • Use facts to generate alternative solutions,
  • Allow for feedback on unresolved issues,
  • Strive for unanimity, but, if that cannot be reached, a simple majority of the members present when a decision is made will suffice.

Expectations of Task Force Members
  • Communicate in a professional manner through agreed upon means, including responding promptly to messages and inquiries.
  • Follow team ground rules, including start and end meeting on time, stick to the agenda, one person speaks at a time, and seek out and respect diverse opinions.
  • Participate fully, including attending every meeting. If a member is going to be absent, the member is responsible for informing the Task Force leader and acquiring the missed content.
  • Support the CFTF's decisions and actions.