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Permits and Requirements
 How do I obtain a Sediment Control Permit (SCP)?

Visit the City of Rockville Engineering Division webpage for information on how to obtain permits. The Sediment Control Permit (SCP) Application should be completed and submitted to the Engineering Division (2nd Floor, City Hall, 111 Maryland Ave. Rockville, MD 20850) for review. Additionally, an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Review Checklist should be filled out and submitted with your sediment control application. 

Please note: 
Sediment in roadway
Sediment runoff from construction sites can end up in storm drains where it contributes to pollution in local streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

How can I limit the amount of total disturbed area on my project?

When less area is disturbed for construction, there will be less soil erosion onsite. It is recommended that the contractor only clear and grub the portions of the site where it is absolutely necessary for construction. Natural vegetation can also improve the aesthetics of the site. If your construction project will take place over a large area, phasing the project is recommended so that only a portion of the site will be disturbed at any one time. Remember that after 7 calendar days of inactivity temporary stabilization (vegetation) of disturbed soils is mandatory.

After plans are approved and permits issued, what are the next steps? 

1. Schedule a Preconstruction Meeting

It is the applicant’s responsibility to set up and coordinate a pre-construction meeting with inspectors and field staff. Your assigned inspectors with contact info will be listed on your permits in the conditions section. No work may begin until this meeting is held including demolition, excavation, grading or any land disturbing activity. During the meeting, minor field modifications can be made to the plans if necessary. Major changes to the plan may require a plan revision and re-approval through the City of Rockville Engineering Division.

2. Install Sediment and Erosion Controls

After the pre-construction meeting is held, the applicant must install the sediment and erosion control devices that are shown on the approved SCP plan. The only work that is authorized to be performed is the installation of the controls. 

3. Schedule a Notice to Proceed Meeting

Once all sediment and erosion control devices are installed, contact the Sediment Control Inspector to schedule a Notice to Proceed meeting. During this meeting the inspector will verify that all approved controls are installed. If all devices are installed per plan, the Notice to Proceed with construction related activities will be issued.