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Utility Billing
All refuse customers will soon receive a refuse bill for the service period ending in June 2016.
This special bill is necessary because all annual refuse bills are now for the period July 1 through June 30 of each year and collected on your property tax bill.  This change was effective July 1, 2016 necessitating this one time adjusted bill to bring all payments current through June 30, 2016.

Due to a printing error, utility bills dated October 15, 2016 included a refuse charge. Customers on this billing cycle also received a refuse-only bill, but their accounts were not double-charged.

Customers can pay their October 15 utility bill in full OR pay the refuse-only bill and the water and sewer portion of the October 15 utility bill.

If you have any questions please call the City of Rockville's Utility Billing Office at 240-314-8420.

What We Do
We collect and record revenues for all City departments through the Finance cashier; manage the billing and collection of City water, sewer, and refuse fees; and manage the billing and collection of special assessment charges.

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Utility Information

Meter Reading
All meter readings are actual readings unless noted as an estimate. Most meters are scheduled to be read by the City every three months. We only estimate the reading when we do not have an actual reading.

We only estimate readings when inclement weather prevails. Bills based on estimates are usually accurate as they are based on the same period from the prior year. If you used more water or less than we estimated, the difference will be automatically corrected the next time your meter is read.

Due Dates
Bills are due within 30 days of issuance after which an additional 10 percent charge is added to the amount. If accounts are not paid as scheduled, service is discontinued, and service will not be restored until delinquency charges and the turn-on fee of $50 is paid.

Return Check Policy
A return check fee of $35 will be charged if a check is returned by the bank as well as all appropriate penalties. Repayment of your account must be in cash or a money order.

Final Readings
If you or your renter are moving, make sure you call 240-314-8420 and schedule a final reading of the meter at least five days in advance. If the house is being sold, please provide a copy of the Closing Disclosure. If the house has a new tenant, please provide a copy of the lease.

24 Hour Emergency Utility Line
Ph: 240-314-8567

Customer Service
Ph: 240-314-8420

Missed Recycling and Refuse Collection
Ph: 240-314-8568

Water Quality (discolored water)
Ph: 240-314-8570