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Bill Guide
Guide to the City of Rockville's Utility Bill
The information below will assist our customers to better understand the City of Rockville's Utility bill and each of the charges for the billing period.

The Division of Utility Billing in the Department of Finance of the City of Rockville is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service through accurate and timely utility billing statements. Should you have any questions about the bill, please contact us at 240-314-8420 or by email. You can also sign up to receive utility bills via email.

Billing Terms
Billing Item What It Means
City of Rockville Information Questions or comments about the Utility Bill should be directed to the City's division of Utility Billing via mail, phone, fax or e-mail.
Amount Due By Shows the date the payment is due by to avoid late fee charges.
Amount Due Details the amount that is owed for the service period.
Account Number The account number to reference when contacting Utility Billing.
Service Address The address of the location where the service is provided.
Customer Information The responsible party's name and address where the bill is to be mailed.
Important Message Field The City may include important customer messages here.
Type of Service A detailed description of each of the charges for the service period.
Service Period The period of time for which the bill is charging for each type of service.
Number of Days The number of days contained in a service period for which the bill is charging for each type of service.
Previous Reading Lists the service reading for the previous billing period. This can be used to compare with the current reading of this billing period.
Current Reading Lists the current reading of each service for this billing period in units.
Usage For services that are billed by usage, the City lists the units that were used for the service period. One unit is equal to one thousand gallons. See water tier rate for current rate to see the rate charged per unit of water used.
Rate Details the flat fee rate charged for each type of service that has a flat fee. Water is billed by usage and does not have a flat fee.
Charges Lists the total charge for each of type of service.
Water Usage in Units Lists the history of water usage in units. The history includes current usage for the service period, usage for last service period, and usage for last year.
Water Tier Rate for Current Lists the total charge for water used. Includes number of units used times the rate charged per unit.
Account Activity Lists the recent account activity, including the previous balance, any unpaid previous balance (if applicable), current charges, and the total amount due.