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Animal Control
Animal control is dedicated to the well-being of animals and maintaining a healthy relationship between animals and the community. We provide services that include removing dead animals, issuing permits and licenses, and responding to complaints or animal bites.

Must-Do for Dog Owners: Clean Up
Dog owners, and dog walkers, are responsible for cleaning up pet waste in public areas, as stated in the city code:

"Owner means any person having temporary or permanent custody of, possessing, keeping, having charge of sheltering, harboring, exercising control over, or having property rights to, any animal coverage by this chapter."

Pet Licenses

All dogs, cats and ferrets must have a license with the city. For the animal's safety, they must wear a tag and collar in public, unless they are microchipped. 

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Backyard Chickens

A backyard chicken permit from the City of Rockville allows a single-family home to have up to five female chickens.

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Animal Complaints and Requests
We respond to complaints including animal bites, stray animals, neglect and more.

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Humane Traps
We offer humane traps for capturing pests and relocating them without harm. All traps must be returned to the city after use.

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