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Community Enhancement

Community enhancement inspections are conducted throughout the City of Rockville to accomplish the following:
  • Identify code violations
  • Educate the community on property maintenance codes
  • Improve overall quality of life in City of Rockville neighborhoods
  • Preserve property values

Community enhancement and code inspections are assigned to inspectors, assigned to six zones. Report code enforcement violations in Rockville.

Rental Inspections and Licensing
All rental properties must pass the required inspection for property maintenance, health and safety deficiencies every two years, prior to the issuance of a rental license. Single family dwellings include detached houses, townhouses and condominiums. Multifamily dwellings (apartments) are inspected and licensed annually.

Typical code violations include:
  • Abandoned or junk vehicles
  • Chipped and peeling paint
  • Defective sheds, garages, fences, etc.
  • General exterior maintenance
  • Infestation of pests/rodents
  • Missing address numbers
  • Missing or defective smoke detectors
  • Overcrowding and prohibited habitation
  • Parking on the grass
  • Tall grass and weeds (in excess of 10 inches)
  • Trash and waste accumulation
  • Unsanitary conditions

Permit and License Applications

Understanding Door Tag Reminders 

Door Tag.jpg

Was a REMINDER door tag left for you by one of our Housing Code Inspectors? If so, here is what it means...

Door Tag REMINDERS are a note to bring to your attention a property maintenance issue on or near your property. If you receive a REMINDER door tag, please review the checked-off boxes. There may also be a short note from the inspector explaining why the door tag was left. 
  • Have you placed a large amount of refuse or an electronic appliance at the curb that will can only be collected by a special pick up and requires a call to the City's Refuse Department?

  • Is a car partially blocking the public sidewalk?

  • Did the Code Inspector ask you to contact them? If so, please do! It may also help the Inspector know if you are already working to resolve the issue. 

REMINDER door tags are typically the first course of action. They are left in an attempt to gain compliance for a property maintenance issue, and these matters can generally be resolved by their use. Ideally, a resident recognizes the issue and will assist in abating the concern. If there is a need to exchange information, we are here to discuss the matter. Give us a call. Thank you. 

The Community Enhancement Code Enforcement Division is located at 2 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850 or 240-314-8330.