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Directed Patrol
The Rockville City Police Department has initiated a Directed Patrol system and a team of police officers to address the ever increasing complaints of traffic enforcement in neighborhoods, vandalism, thefts, trespassers, etc.

As the complaints are received, a weekly target list is prepared and given to each patrol team supervisor. The Directed Patrol Unit concentrates the majority of its patrol activities to addressing the targets.

Collecting Results
At the end of the week, all sheets are submitted to the Directed Patrol coordinator for tabulation and a weekly statistic sheet is made from the results. The results sheet is distributed along with the new target sheet for the upcoming week. This gives the teams an opportunity to see the results and coordinate their patrol efforts accordingly.

The Directed Patrol assignments are normally about two weeks in duration. Complainants are forwarded a letter at the conclusion of the Directed Patrol assignment advising them of the results. A "hot spot" list is established and distributed to maintain an effort of attention and enforcement to previously identified locations.

The program has been very successful in reducing traffic violations and nuisance complaints.

Police Substations
When the opportunity presents itself, the Rockville City Police assigns police officers to work from police sub-stations. By doing so, the City Police can address issues and concerns of the community - not always law enforcement oriented, but may include community beautification, family assistance, drug rehabilitation, drug education/awareness, and housing.

The Twinbrook Recreation Center is an example of one substation.
The neighborhood-based approach to policing has greatly enhanced police visibility. The police sub-station concept has been well accepted in the communities served and has proven to be successful. The community and the police share a feeling of belonging with one another.

Residential and Business Security Surveys
The security survey offers the opportunity for the department to assist the public in locating security weaknesses and identifying practical ways to correct them. Home and business security surveys are provided to any Rockville citizen upon request. Citizens find these surveys very informative. Call 240-314-8910 for more information. Learn more about Rockville Police Department programs for businesses.

Bob Rapport
Acting Chief of Police

2 W. Montgomery Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850

Ph: 240-314-8900