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Other Community Policing Programs
Speakers Bureau
Drug and crime prevention displays are regularly set up upon request and at various locations in conjunction with community activities. The displays provide an opportunity to distribute crime prevention materials, educate citizens about controlled dangerous substances and paraphernalia, display seized weapons, and answer a variety of questions.

The department's McGruff mascot makes frequent appearances and is a highlight for children. Call 240-314-8910 for more information.

State's Attorney's Office and Inspection Services Roll Call
The State's Attorney's Office has initiated a program of "Neighborhood Oriented Prosecution." As part of this effort, the team of attorneys who are assigned the Rockville District have begun periodically attending police roll calls.

The attorneys are assigned particular areas of the city/county for their "Neighborhood Oriented Prosecution" efforts. The City police officers are assigned in like fashion to a particular area of the city for their Neighborhood Oriented Policing efforts. The roll calls are designed as an opportunity for information and tactics exchange in prosecution and enforcement.

The Code Enforcement of the City of Rockville government also works in a similar fashion of neighborhood oriented enforcement and inspections. They likewise attend roll calls and coordinate their enforcement efforts.