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Traffic - Speed Related Programs
Officer "Tuttle" Decoy Program
The Rockville City Police Department has initiated a program in which a mannequin dressed as a Rockville City Police Officer is placed in the driver's position of a marked City police cruiser and placed at identified target locations throughout the city to deter speeding vehicles.

Decoy Vehicle
The vehicle is equipped with a false radar antenna, which adds to the effectiveness of the unit. The cruiser with Officer Tuttle is parked for a particular time limit at the target location and is moved throughout the shift to different target locations. A manned radar equipped police unit is then placed in the locations vacated by Officer Tuttle for enforcement purposes.

A printed sign also is placed in the vehicle identifying the unit as "unmanned" with instructions to persons who might approach the unit for directions, assistance or emergency situations to contact the Police Department at either 911 or the non-emergency number for assistance or guidance.

Speed Indicator
The Rockville City Police Department has initiated a speed indicator program in which a large radar operated display board is placed on the side of selected roadways to provide the approaching motorists an opportunity to see their speed displayed. This unit is primarily used as a deterrent and has proven to be beneficial to the department as a public relations tool.

This, in effect, gives citizens a visual warning of their speed. Tickets are issued but only in situations of excessive speeds which are considered to be hazardous to community safety by the radar operator. The speed indicator is placed in targeted locations throughout the city, primarily in neighborhoods or communities where there have been complaints of speeding vehicles.

Bob Rapport
Acting Chief of Police

2 W. Montgomery Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850

Ph: 240-314-8900