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Application Process
Police Officer Application Process
The selection process utilized by the Rockville City Police Department is thorough, to ensure the best qualified candidates are selected. The following are the components of the police officer selection process which must be completed by every applicant. The approximate amount of time required for each segment is also indicated.

Segment Approximate Time Required
Filling out a City of Rockville Application 1 hour
Written Examination 3 hours
Physical Agility Test 3 hours
Oral Interview Panel 2 hours
Background Investigation 30-45 hours
Medical Examination 2 hours
Drug Screening 1 hour
Polygraph Examination 3 hours
Psychological Screening 6 hours
Chief's Interview 1 hour

Lateral/Certified Officers
The Rockville City Police Department accepts applications from certified police officers. The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) recognizes a certification if the officer has attended a state or local police academy that includes at least 750 training hours. Note: MPCTC does not recognize Federal Law Enforcement Training Center certifications. Applicants that meet the criteria of a certified officer must complete a City of Rockville application. They will be exempt from the written exam, but must successfully complete all other segments of the hiring process.

If an out-of-state certified officer is hired as lateral, they would need to attend a Maryland Comparative Compliance training academy (approximately five weeks).

Department Employee (Civilian) Application Process

The selection process that the Rockville City Police Department uses is comprehensive to ensure the best-qualified candidates are selected for hire. The following are components of the selection process for applicants seeking civilian positions with the department.

The entire process may take four to six weeks to complete, depending on the number of applicants and other factors. All applicants are notified in writing of all scheduled procedures.

Application Process
Applications must be fully completed and filed on or before the deadline. The selection process is thorough to ensure the best-qualified candidates are chosen to work with the department. The following list outlines the components of the process.

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