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Recycling and Refuse Five Part Video Series
  • Introduction to Recycling and Refuse
    In the first video in the five part series on Recycling in Rockville, learn why Rockville's Recycling program depends on you; how to set up your refuse and recycling program if you are new to Rockville; and what items are for recycling and what items are for refuse. Plus, other things you can do to create less refuse, or trash.
  • Starting or Changing Service
    In part two of the series on Recycling and Refuse in Rockville, learn how to start or change trash collection. The video discusses: what to do if you are new to Rockville, what services residents have to participate, how to get your free carts, what the different color carts mean, and what recycling and refuse cart sizes are available. Residents will also learn what the refuse and recycling holidays are and how the schedule changes on holidays.
  • How to Recycle in the City of Rockville
    In video three of the Recycling and Refuse in Rockville series, learn what you can and cannot recycle, what you should do if something doesn't fit in your recycling cart, steps you can take to minimize what goes into your refuse or trash cart, the benefits of recycling, and what to do with your home's yard waste.
  • Talking Real Refuse in the City of Rockville
    Our fourth video, Talking Real Refuse, will help you to understand what refuse (or trash) is and what is not, where the refuse goes after we pick it up, and alternatives to throwing items away. It will also discuss what items that belong in your refuse cart and the proper way to dispose of your garbage.
  • Special Scheduled Collections
    In the final video of the series, Scheduled Collections, learn how to schedule a special collection pickup, what items could be picked up and how often, what to do if you have large bulk items or household hazardous disposals, and what to do if you do not want to wait until the pick up date.