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City Transportation Projects
Capital Improvements Projects

Projects included in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) are large-scale improvements implemented over a period of several years. The City identifies capital improvement needs for the Traffic and Transportation Division and allocates funds toward public transportation infrastructure. Some examples of CIP projects include new sidewalk infrastructure, bridge rehabilitation and accessible pedestrian signal installation.

Bridge Rehabilitation Program

As part of Rockville’s Bridge Rehabilitation program, the Department of Public Works will be repairing bridges within City rights-of-way. Inspections of the 18 City-owned long span bridges (greater than 20-feet) are federally funded and are inspected every two years. This program meets the Mayor and Council’s goal for a sustainable infrastructure. The program repairs bridges prioritized based on structural improvements recommended in the bridge inspection reports.


Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)

  • Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) are devices used to communicate information about pedestrian traffic signal intervals in non-visual formats such as audible tones, verbal messages and/or vibrating surfaces.
  • The Maryland State Highway Administration, Montgomery County, and the City of Rockville are working to upgrade traffic signals under their jurisdictions to APS systems, as funding permits.
  • Currently, 40 of the City's 48 traffic signals have APS equipment. An additional seven other traffic signals are expected to have APS equipment by the end of 2017.

Asphalt Paving
  • The City of Rockville will be repaving 25 street segments in the coming months as part of ongoing efforts to 
    maintain and improve the community’s infrastructure.
  • 2017 Asphalt Paving Schedule 

Baltimore Road

Baltimore Road

  • Baltimore Road represents a major link for the east side of the City to Rockville Town Center. The primary goal of the project is to provide improved connectivity for multiple modes of transportation along this 2.3-mile corridor.

Pedestrian Safety

  • This project supports the Mayor and Council's vision priority of promoting multimodal transportation by working with neighborhoods to conduct feasibility analyses for new pedestrian initiatives and implement pedestrian traffic control devices. Speed Camera funding is used in this project to upgrade pedestrian ramps to meet ADA requirements throughout the City.

  • Falls Road: West side between Wootton Parkway and Kersey Lane - Completed
  • Falls Road: East side between Dunster Road and Kimblewick Road - Construction in Spring 2017
  • Harrison Street: Between Forest Avenue and N Van Buren Street - Design Phase, Construction in Spring 2017

  • This project funds improvements/ rehabilitations to existing lighting systems where problems or safety issues have been identified. Funding is primarily for underground-wired lights. However, some funds are allocated to upgrade overhead streetlights owned and operated by Pepco (located on wooden utility poles) in the vicinity of schools, Metro stations and some residential areas where the illumination is poor. Adequate lighting is needed on public streets to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety and to help provide security. Speed camera funding will allow the City to upgrade more lights every fiscal year to improve public safety.

Traffic Controls: Citywide
  • This project funds the installation of traffic controls such as traffic signals, flashing beacons, speed sensor signs, and other signs and markings. Priorities are typically based on travel demand thresholds. This project funds new equipment for traffic signals citywide to replace obsolete equipment such as old controllers and conflict monitors.

Development Review

Development Projects in Rockville
Additional information is available on the Department of Community Planning and Development Services web page.

Last Updated:
  December 14, 2016