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Smart Steps to Pedestrian Safety
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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Always cross the street at a signalized intersection or at a marked crosswalk.

Dress to be seen. Brightly-colored clothes and reflective material at night make it easier for drivers to see you.

Always walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk and you have to walk in the road, always walk facing traffic, so you can see oncoming cars.

Do not assume drivers see you. Make eye contact.

Stop at the curb or the edge of the road.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Always ride with traffic on the road. Use the right lane and obey traffic signals and stop signs.

If you ride on the sidewalk, do so in a safe and courteous manner.

Make your intentions clear to motorists and other road users. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars. Signal your intention to turn, and pay attention to cars and pedestrians.

Ride where drivers can see you; wear bright clothing. Use front and rear lights, and make eye contact with drivers.

Motorist Safety Tips

Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.

Slow down and obey the posted speed limit.

Be careful when passing stopped vehicles.

Allow 3 feet of clearance when passing bicyclists.

At legal right turns on red, come to a complete stop behind the stop bar, look for pedestrian and bicycle traffic both ways, and then proceed with caution.