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Sports Leagues

Sports Weather Information Line: 240-314-5055

To register for a sports league, have your course # and visit Rock Enroll

If you are interested in children's instructional classes, view the class page for more information             


 girls playing basketball  

Youth Sports Leagues
League Season Registration Opens/Deadlines
Co-rec Soccer Fall Summer 2015
Cross Country Fall Summer 2015
Tennis Tourament Fall Fall 2015
Rockville Football League (RFL) Fall/Spring Winter/Spring 2015
Mighty Mites Basketball Winter Fall 2014
Girls' Basketball Winter Fall 2014
Boys' Basketball Winter Fall 2014
Wrestling Winter Fall 2014
T-ball Spring Winter 2015
Coach Pitch Baseball Spring Winter 2015
Track and Field Spring Winter 2015
Tennis Tournaments Spring/Summer Spring 2015
Co-Rec Soccer Spring Winter 2015
Rockville Baseball Association (RBBA) Spring/Fall Winter 2015

Adult Sports Leagues
League Season Registration Opens/Deadlines
Co-rec Volleyball Fall Summer 2015
Women's Volleyball Fall Summer 2015
Men's Softball Fall Summer 2015
Co-rec Softball Fall Summer 2015
Rockville 10K/5K Run Fall Summer/Fall 2015
Co-Rec Soccer 7 v 7 Fall Fall 2015
Men's Basketball Fall Fall 2015
Adult Tennis Tournament Fall Summer 2015
Co-rec Volleyball Winter Fall 2014
Women's Volleyball Winter Fall 2014
Men's Basketball Winter Fall 2014
Men's Softball Spring/Summer Winter 2015
Co-rec Softball Spring/Summer Winter 2015
Co-rec Volleyball Spring Winter 2015
Men's Basketball Spring Winter 2015
Tennis Tournament Spring Winter 2015
 Co-Rec Soccer 7 v 7 Spring Winter 2015
 Men's Basketball Summer Spring 2015
Rotary Twilight Runfest Summer Spring/Summer 2015

Jen Liberto, Sports Supervisor

Lisa Splaine, Assistant Sports Supervisor

Duncan Mullis, Sports Specialist

Joy Parisi, Sports Administrative Assistant

Sports Division
City of Rockville
111 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, Md 20850

Ph: 240-314-8620
Fax: 240-314-8659