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Hungerford-Stoneridge Neighborhood Plan
Planning Area 3Hungerford-Stoneridge, New Mark Commons, Monroe-Lynfield (adopted 1985)
Planning Area 3

The Planning Area 3 Neighborhood Plan presents recommendations for the preservation of three distinct neighborhoods (Hungerford-Stoneridge, New Mark Commons and Monroe-Lynfield), which are located south of the City's Town Center and west of Rockville Pike.The plan was adopted in 1985.The primary focus of the plan concerns inter-neighborhood and city government relations, land use buffering, school closings and traffic circulation in an effort to develop a comprehensive neighborhood preservation strategy for the area.

This plan was the product of a 12-month effort to identify, catalog, and respond to a number of planning issues and problems confronting a particular geographic area of the City.This was also a part of a larger effort initiated by the Planning Commission in 1980 to systematically examine select areas of the City in the context of the recently adopted Comprehensive Master Plan for the City at that time.