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Boards and Commissions Vacancies

Serving on a Board or Commission
Vacancies on Boards and Commissions are announced in each issue of
Rockville Reports. Anyone employed by or under contract to the City is not eligible to serve on a board or commission. Individuals may serve on only one board or commission at a given time (with the exception of ad hoc committees or task forces) to give as many residents as possible the opportunity to participate.

The Boards and Commissions provide the Mayor and Council with informed public opinions, thoughts and ideas that shape the City. Anyone interested in serving on a citizen board or commission may write to the Mayor and Council and City Clerk/Director of Council Operations, Rockville City Hall, 111 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850, or contact the City Clerk's Office at 240-314-8280 for more information or fill out and submit an Expression of Interest Form (pdf).

PLEASE NOTE: As defined in Ordinance No. 13-13 (see below), all applicants applying to the Board of Appeals, Historic District Commission, Ethics Commission or Planning Commission are required to complete the Statement of Financial Interests (see below) and submit along with the Expression of Interest Form.

Ordinance No. 13-13
Statement of Financial Interests Form

Vacancies (as of April 20, 2018)
The City is seeking applicants for appointment to the vacancies listed below. Please note vacancies may be currently under consideration by the Mayor and Council.

Board of Appeals (one alternate)
The Board of Appeals is charged with the responsibility of hearing and deciding all administrative appeals and applications for variances and special exceptions, as provided for in the Zoning Ordinance or other ordinances of the City of Rockville.
Cultural Arts Commission (one)
This 11-member commission encourages the arts and culture in the City. It  recommends to the Mayor and Council appropriate programs, activities and utilization policies of the City facilities, which will add to the further development of  Rockville as a cultural center. Members serve for overlapping two-year terms.

Financial Advisory Board
The purpose of the Financial Advisory Board is to advise the Mayor and Council regarding financial matters, including the reviewing of current financial policies, procedures, and documents relating to City finances and making recommendations to the Mayor and Council.

Historic District Commission (two; 1 member and 1 alternate)
The Historic District Commission is responsible for recommending to the Mayor and Council the districts deemed to be of historic or architectural value in the City and reviewing applications for construction and changes in the historic districts.

Human Rights Commission
The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is an 11-member group of volunteers, appointed by the Mayor and Council, to ensure equal treatment, free from discrimination for people who live, visit or work in the City of Rockville. The HRC is charged with minimizing the effects of conflict and promoting appreciation of diversity within the City. To meet these goals, the commission provides a variety of programs and services.

Human Services Advisory Commission (one Caregiver Representative)
This Commission provides advice and guidance to the Mayor and Council on human service needs in Rockville and how best to address them. The Commission monitors changes in human needs in the city, assists the mayor and Council in deciding appropriate City roles and priorities concerning human services, and participates in oversight and evaluation to ensure accountability and cost-effectiveness of City and outside providers of human services. The Mayor and Council may also ask the Commission to study specific human service-related problems and complaints that have been brought to their attention.

Personnel Appeals Board (three)
This is a three-member body whose members are appointed by the Mayor and Council. Members serve for three-year terms. The board is charged, in accordance with the requirements of the Personnel Regulations, with hearing appeals filed by employees of the City of Rockville in cases of dismissal action taken by the City manager for disciplinary reasons (Chapter 15, Rockville City Code).

Planning Commission (one)
The Planning Commission is responsible for revising the City’s Master Plan as needed, reviewing applications for Map and Text Amendments and applications for use permits, approving subdivision plans, and advising the Mayor and Council on related matters.

Recreation and Park Advisory Board (one)
The Recreation and Parks Advisory Board is responsible for encouraging the development of recreation and park facilities in the City and recommending programs for youth and adults that reflect the needs of citizens.

Retirement Board (two)
This seven-member body exists for the purpose of generally directing the affairs of the City's retirement system, processing retirement and disability applications and reviewing investment policy, etc. The members are appointed by the Mayor and Council. The membership is composed of a member of the Mayor and Council, the City Manager, three City employees, below assistant department head level, and two persons with previous business experience, one of whom will serve as the chairperson. Terms are for two years. The finance director is the executive secretary to the board (Chapter 15, Rockville City Code).

Rockville Sister City Corporation (one)
This organization was formed when Rockville’s Sister City relationship with Pinneberg, Germany was established in 1957. In 1986 it was incorporated into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to support educational and charitable programs and to facilitate the continuing relationship between the citizens of Rockville and of Pinneberg, Germany. In 2009 a "Friendship Agreement" was signed between the City of Rockville and Jiaxing, China. Correspondence, exchanges and cultural activities between Rockville and Pinneberg as well as Rockville and Jiaxing are overseen by the Rockville Sister City Corporation. In accordance with its bylaws, the Mayor and Council appoint three directors. The remaining directors are elected by its membership. Terms are for three years and are staggered. Membership in the corporation is open.

Senior Citizens Commission (one)
The Senior Citizens Commission is responsible for proposing programs, activities and legislation to meet the needs of senior citizens and to promote an environment within the City where seniors choose to remain and live a healthy, safe and active life.

Traffic and Transportation Commission (one)
This is a nine-member body appointed by the mayor, with the concurrence of the council for three-year terms. The purpose of the body is to advise the council and the Planning Commission on all traffic matters in the City and to make appropriate recommendations (Resolution No. 28,72, Resolution No. 3,76, and 3-79).