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Sculpture on the Grounds 2015
Sculpture on the Grounds offers large-scale sculptures in a free, outdoor exhibit. The exhibit takes place from July through October on the grounds of Rockville Civic Center Park, 603 Edmonston Drive. The park—which includes Glenview Mansion, the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre/Social Hall, the Cottage, the Croydon Creek Nature Center and more than 150 acres of grounds—is the hub of Rockville's main recreational, cultural and social activities. 
Sculpture on the Grounds presents unique works of art in a picturesque setting. The show is now open.
This temporary exhibit is part of the Art in Public Places Program and is sponsored by the Recreation and Parks Department. Call 240-314-8681 for more information.

Steinkoenig-In Harmony at Rockville 2 - small.jpg
"In Harmony"
Artist: Paul Steinkoenig
, Hyattsville, Md.

This kinetic sculpture is 10 feet tall and made of welded  steel. The kinetic motion of this sculpture creates sounds as the tall "blades" hum and vibrate during lesser winds and even clank as they hit one another during a stronger wind. The sounds inspired the name "In Harmony."

The title, "In Harmony," relates to far more than simply the sounds made by this sculpture. The inspiration for this work grew from the vision of people living and working together to create community together based on respect and tolerance of their differences -- as well as recognition of sameness.
Differences of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and culture can separate human beings one from another. A choice to tolerate and respect those differences creates harmony.

Notice that the blades of the sculpture are all made of the same material: welded steel. The difference lies in the surface treatment only. Standing together, the blades function as a unity of diversity and sameness. Far more of each blade's characteristics are similar to rather than different from the other blades.

Siegel and Shuster 2015.06 Rockville MD Install (20) - cropped.small.jpg

“Siegel & Shuster”
Artist: Adam Walls, Hope Mills, N.C.

           "Siegel & Shuster" serves as homage to the co-creators of Superman. Though perhaps only a few fans of the iconic character might be able to understand all of my references to him in this sculpture.