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Interactive Demographic Map
The Montgomery County Planning Department provides 2010 Census demographic data for census block groups within Montgomery County in an interactive online map. The data in the map represents the results of the 2010 census and supplemental data will be added periodically to include subsequent American Community Survey results.

How to Use the Interactive Map
This map was created by the Montgomery County Planning Department. For convenience, the map centers on Rockville, although the entire county and a number of cities can be viewed by selecting them from the "zoom to" menu, using the zoom slide tool on the left side of the map or by scrolling the mouse wheel on the map to view larger or smaller areas.
  • Click on one or many block group areas (outlined in purple when selected on the map) to display their demographic characteristics. The table below the map shows data for each selected block group. Selecting additional block group areas will add data rows to the table so they can be compared.
  • Click on any row in the table to zoom to the corresponding block group area. Use the horizontal slide tool below the table to see all of the data categories.
  • The table at the right of the map shows summed data for all selected block group areas. If no areas are selected, county-wide data is shown by default.
  • Select "Clear Selection" button above the table to clear all selected block groups along with their data results while leaving the map at the same location.
  • Select the "Start Over" button to both clear the selected block groups and return the map to the full view of Rockville.