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Zoning Ordinance
Rockville Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map
Last amended October 12, 2015

The Zoning Ordinance is adopted under Chapter 25 of the Rockville City Code. The following links include the latest version of the City's Zoning Ordinance and its supporting documentation.

Individual Zoning Ordinance Articles
To view individual articles of the Rockville Zoning Ordinance, follow the links below. For instance, to find Zoning Ordinance Section 25.16.03(d), open Article 16 and look for section 25.16.03, subsection d.
Text Amendments Table
 Text Amendments Table
Contents Table of Contents
Article 1 General Information
Article 2 Zoning Map
Article 3 Definitions; Terms of Measurements and Calculations
Article 4 Approving Authorities
Article 5 Application and Notification Generally
Article 6 Procedures for Map and Text Amendments, Variances, Special Exceptions and Administrative Actions
Article 7 Procedures for Site Plans and Project Plans, Special Exceptions, and Other Permits
Article 8 Transitional Provisions, Nonconformities, Nonconforming Alteration Approval
Article 9 Accessory Uses; Accessory Buildings and Structures; Encroachments; Temporary Uses; Home-Based Business Enterprises; Wireless Communication Facilities
Article 10 Single Dwelling Unit Residential Zones
Article 11 Residential Medium Density Zones
Article 12 Industrial Zones
Article 13 Mixed-Use Zones
Article 14 Special Zones
Article 15 Special Exceptions
Article 16 Parking and Loading
Article 17 Public Use Space, Landscaping and Screening, Utility Placement and Screening, Lighting, Sidewalks, and Shadows
Article 18 Signs
Article 19 Enforcement
Article 20 Adequate Public Facilities
Article 21 Plats and Subdivision Regulations