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Types of Threats
It is important to have a general knowledge of some of the possible terrorist threats. Terrorists may use biological, chemical, nuclear or radiation threats in addition to explosions.
  • A biological attack is the deliberate release of germs or other substances that can make you sick (anthrax, smallpox, botulism, plague). Many agents must be inhaled, enter through a cut in the skin or eaten to make you sick. Some are non contagious (anthrax). However, others are (smallpox).
  • A chemical attack is the deliberate release of a toxic gas, liquid or solid that can poison people and the environment. Examples include nerve agents (VX, Sarin), Cyanide, blister agents (Mustard), etc.
  • A nuclear blast is an explosion with intense light and heat, a damaging pressure wave and widespread radioactive material that can contaminate the air, water and ground surfaces for miles around.
  • A radiation threat or "dirty bomb” is the use of common explosives to spread radioactive materials over a targeted area. While the blast will be immediately obvious, the presence of radiation will not (need specialized equipment).

When it comes to a terrorist threat, you may be required to take additional actions. Guidance will be provided to citizens via various forms of media.