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Rockville City Police Department Salary Schedules


Police Officer II $48,801 $78,995
Police Officer III $51,242 $85,847
Police Corporal $53,804 $90,140
Police Sergeant $59,319 $99,379
Police Lieutenant $67,832 $113,642
Police Major $72,854 $122,056

Overtime Pay
Time and one half the employee's hourly rate is paid for work in excess of 40 hours per week. A minimum of 4 hours overtime is paid when the employee is required to appear in court while off duty. When required to work on holidays the overtime rate is two and one half times the basic rate of pay.

All uniforms and equipment are furnished by the Department to new employees. After initial issue, officers may purchase new items from their allotted uniform allowance each fiscal year. Dry cleaning is provided free of charge to all sworn personnel for uniforms.

Annual Leave
Annual leave ranges from 16 to 23 days per year depending upon the length of service.
Months of Service Monthly Annual Leave Accrual in Hours
0-24 10.40
25-60 12.40
61-96 14.00
97 + 15.20

Other Leave
  • Sick leave is earned monthly at the rate of 1.25 days per completed month of service. There is no limit to the amount of earned sick leave that may be used in connection with any documented illness. Sick leave shall be cumulative for an indefinite period.
  • Up to eighty hours of earned sick leave may be used each year when there is an illness in an employee's immediate family (parents, spouse, or children).
  • Employees may take three days of leave for the death of an immediate family member and one day of leave for other close family members.
  • There are 10 paid holidays per year.

  • The City pays for life insurance equivalent to one and one-half times base salary. An employee may purchase added coverage up to one times salary at the group rate.
  • The City provides optional group health insurance through two providers with several different plans. The employee and City share the cost of each plan.