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Adopted Master Plan Amendments since 2002
Heritage Area Amendment
On January 28, 2013, the Mayor and Council adopted an amendment to Rockville's Comprehensive Master Plan to join the Montgomery County Heritage Area and adopt the Montgomery County Heritage Area Management Plan. As the Amendment was adopted by the Mayor and Council and approved by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, the City is now able to participate in this State's economic development program, known as a Heritage Enterprise Zone. Benefits include eligibility for grants and loan assistance for acquisition, development, public interpretation, and programming, as well as tax incentives for the rehabilitation of non-designated historic buildings and non-historic buildings in active tourism use.

Municipal Growth Element
On December 13, 2010, the Mayor and Council amended Rockville's Comprehensive Master Plan to adopting a new state-mandated Municipal Growth Element (MGE).  The MGE examines how and where population and employment growth is likely to occur and assesses the impacts of projected growth on public services and infrastructure, with a focus on police, fire and emergency medical services, schools, libraries and parks.

The MGE has helped to identify and highlight important areas where investments will be needed, with a particular emphasis on the current and increasing problem of overcrowded schools. The document also expanded Rockville's Maximum Expansion Limit (MEL), which are areas just beyond the City boundaries that Rockville would consider annexing if the property owners were interested in becoming part of Rockville.

The Planning Commission began work in 2013 to consider amendments to the MGE, with particular focus on potential changes to the MEL. More information on this effort will be forthcoming.

Water Resources Element
On December 13, 2010, the Mayor and Council amended Rockville's Comprehensive Master Plan to adopt a new state-mandated Water Resources Element (WRE), consisting of analyses of the City's long term water and wastewater capacity. The document concludes that Rockville's infrastructure in these areas will be able to accommodate projected population increases through 2040. The WRE also addresses water resource protection, ground water resources, water quality standards and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). The document will serve as an invaluable resource for orienting employees within public works to the broader context in which they will be working, and as guidance to the Mayor and Council as they set policy. 

Neighborhood Plans
The City has adopted amendments to the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan in specific neighborhoods throughout the City since 2002.  These Neighborhood Plans include goals and visions that are more current and specific to their unique area of the City. Visit the Neighborhood Plans webpage for a complete list of all adopted Neighborhood Plans or follow the links below to view those adopted since 2002: