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Fitness Test
Rockville City Police Department Physical Fitness Standards
Common sense dictates that law enforcement professionals should have a level of physical fitness that ensures they are able to perform emergency functions effectively. The purpose of fitness testing is to determine who can effectively perform the physical job tasks versus who cannot effectively perform the job tasks, which are direct indicators of job readiness.

Rockville City has adopted physical fitness standards based on research conducted by The Cooper Institute of Dallas, Texas. Based on more than 70 validation studies performed on federal, state and municipal agencies over the past decade, The Cooper Institute has an updated recommended test battery that are job-related, not job-specific. Physical fitness is a proven component of law enforcement readiness and one of the officers prime street encounter survival tools.

The Test
The fitness test battery recommended by The Cooper Institute contains those items that measure both the underlying fitness components and predictive fitness components. The five tests recommended accurately measure aerobic capacity, anaerobic power and muscular endurance. View the scoring sheets for the following tests:
  • 1.5 Mile Run & 300m Run (measures aerobic capacity, cardio-respiratory) - The test is administered on a standard 440-yard track, so candidates must complete six laps. The test is measured in minutes and seconds. Candidates should warm up and stretch prior to the run. The object is to complete the 1.5 miles in as little time as possible.
  • One-Minute Push Ups (measures muscular endurance, upper body) - The push up test measures the upper body's muscular endurance. The hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with fingers pointing forward. The administrator places one fist on the floor below the subjects chest. Starting from the up position (elbows extended), the subject must keep the back straight and lower the body to the floor until the chest touches the fist, then push back up. This is one repetition. Resting is done only in the up position. Both hands must remain in contact with the floor. The total number of correct push ups that the candidate can do is the score.
  • One-minute Sit Ups (measures muscular endurance, core body) - The sit ups measure abdominal muscular endurance. The candidate starts by lying on the back, heels flat on the floor, approximately 12 inches from the buttocks, with fingers interlaced behind the head. Avoid pulling on the head with hands. The buttocks must remain on the floor with no thrusting of the hips. In the up position, the elbows should reach the knees, then return until the shoulder blades touch the floor. Resting is only done in the up position. The total number of correct sit ups is the score.
  • Sit and Reach (measures flexibility, lower back and upper leg) - The candidate will remove their shoes and sit on the floor with their back against a wall, candidates feet will be placed squarely against a specially designed box, with feet no wider that 8 inches apart and toes pointed towards and ceiling. Knees must remain extended throughout the test. Candidates will place one hand on top of the other, fingertips even and will lean forward as far as possible. Position must be held for one second. The best out of three trials will be recorded.