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Water Main Flushing
A systematic citywide flushing program to remove accumulated fine sediment from the City water system takes place every spring. The City is divided into 39 districts, but not all districts undergo the flushing operation every year.

In Spring/Summer 2018, flushing will take place in the following districts:

12 May 7-11
May 14-18
May 21-25

Flushing will take place from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. View an interactive map of the districts below.

Some parking restrictions may occur on certain streets to allow for access to water valves. Should this need arise, signs will be posted 48 hours in advance.

As flushing takes place, some temporary discoloration of water may occur. Refrain from laundering clothes during periods of discoloration, usually two or three hours. Following the flushing, run the cold water for a few minutes to clear any discoloration in the water. Check back regularly for any changes to the flushing schedule for this year.

View a full-size version of this map.

How Unidirectional Water Main Flushing Works
To ensure optimal water quality and delivery, the City has implemented a unidirectional flushing program. This technique uses less water and provides a more thorough cleaning of the distribution system. The City develops a detailed plan for each district to systematically isolate each primary water main by selecting and sequencing the operation of water valves and fire hydrants. The City will check and operate the water main valves to flush each primary water main individually rather than multiple water mains simultaneously.

Using this method to flush the City's water mains provides for a more systematic and deliberate approach that allows the City to better maintain the valve system and better clean the pipes by producing water velocity that scours the pipes. This flushing method also helps to protect and maintain the water distribution system, as well as continues to improve the water quality that is delivered to homes and businesses. The program will remove accumulated sediment from the system.

Maintaining Quality
The City removes the chlorine from the water prior to discharge to safeguard the environment. Rockville maintains approximately 180 miles of water pipes, 4,168 valves and 1,363 fire hydrants. The sediment, which can cause water discoloration, degrade water quality and impede fire hydrant water flow, is removed from the pipes by the planned opening and closing of certain valves, as well as the opening of fire hydrants.

The City of Rockville is committed to providing the best possible services to customers. This work is part of ongoing efforts to improve water quality and delivery citywide. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding. Any questions about the program may be directed to the Public Works Operations & Maintenance, 240-314-8567, which City's 24 hour Emergency Utility number.

For more information on water quality, read the City's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.