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Rockville is committed to improving pedestrian safety, and an integral step toward achieving that goal is to construct sidewalks in the City where they are missing. Not only do sidewalks improve pedestrian safety, but also they provide non-motorized routes for reaching desired destinations. Because of the large amount of missing sidewalks in the City and the costs associated with constructing sidewalks, the City has created a Sidewalk Prioritization Policy. A missing sidewalk is any existing or potential pathway that, were it hard surfaced, would be used by pedestrians in their routine educational, recreational, business, shopping, working, civic and social pursuits. Missing sidewalks are along streets and are typically built within City right-of-way.

Sidewalk Prioritization Policy

The Rockville Sidewalk Prioritization Policy helps determine in what order the City should construct sidewalks, which is a helpful tool for including sidewalks in the Citywide Capital Improvements Program. The prioritization is based on the total score; the sum of the utility score and the traffic conditions score. Sidewalks are grouped into one of five groups, A through E, with A being the highest range of scores and E being the lowest range of scores. In addition to the missing links total score, information about available City right-of-way, public support for the construction of the sidewalk, and the potential environmental impacts of constructing the sidewalk will be taken into consideration when determining the timeline for planning, design, and construction of the sidewalk. Below is a detailed description of categories within the policy.

I. Sidewalk Utility Score
The first numerical score, the Utility Score gauges the usefulness of the sidewalk. The criterion for this score is composed of information about the missing sidewalks proximity to schools, bus stops, Metro Rail stations, recreational centers, and other nearby pedestrian generators. The utility score also reflects the missing links connectivity to other sidewalks, and whether or not there is a sidewalk available on the other side of the street. The greater the utility score, the greater the anticipated volume of pedestrian trips.

II. Sidewalk Traffic Conditions Score
The second numerical score is the Traffic Conditions score. The criteria for this score are street classification and speed limit. As typical traffic volumes and speed limits increase, the traffic score increases. Overall, the higher the traffic conditions score, the greater the need for off-road pedestrian facilities to enhance pedestrian safety.

III. Other Important Considerations
This section provides information about City right-of-way, whether a resident petition was submitted in support for sidewalk construction, and the environmental impacts of the potential sidewalk. This section is important because it considers conditions that could lengthen the project timeline or constrain a sidewalk project. Alternatively, petitions in support of the sidewalk help determine whether the sidewalk is acceptable to residents, thereby potentially shortening the project timeline.

Petitioning the City for Construction of a Sidewalk
Petitions to construct sidewalks are available from the Department of Public Works. Before circulating the petition, citizens should consult with the Traffic and Transportation Division, 240-314-8500, to discuss the proposed sidewalk.

One resident must take the lead responsibility to circulate the sidewalk petition. Any resident 18 years of age or older is eligible to sign the petition and will represent the approval of his /her respective household. To be declared valid, the petition must be signed by at least 50 percent of the households on the street adjacent to the missing sidewalk.

Applicants will submit completed petition(s) to Public Works Traffic and Transportation Department. Signatures on the petition will be verified by the Police Department. Traffic and Transportation staff, in consultation with the Police Department, will validate the petition.