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Neighborhood Speed Watch Program
About the Program
Speeding drivers on residential streets is one of the most common complaints received by the Rockville City Police Department. The City's new Neighborhood Speed Watch Program encourages neighborhood residents to become involved in addressing this problem.

Neighborhood Speed Watch is a public awareness program in which concerned citizens can take an active role in solving the problem of speeders in their own neighborhoods. City residents record speeds and license numbers of cars traveling in excess of speed designations on neighborhood streets. Notification is sent from the City to the registered owners of those vehicles. Often, drivers who speed through neighborhoods are unaware of the effect their actions have on the peace and safety of neighborhood streets. Notification from the City encourages drivers to slow down.

How It Works
Citizens who wish to take part in this program notify the community services officer at 240-314-8962 or by letter, expressing their interest in initiating Neighborhood Speed Watch Program in their neighborhood. Speed Watch efforts can be conducted on "residential streets" only.
  • The Community Services Officer schedules the Speed Watch projects on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Citizens agreeing to participate in the program are briefed on the requirements expected of them. They are instructed in the use of radar equipment, proper data collection and appropriate behavior while conducting the data collocation. A radar unit is loaned out to the citizens.
  • Residents schedule data collection during the times they feel speeding to be at its worst. One person in the group is responsible for operating the radar unit, another records the required vehicle information on a "Speeding Vehicle Report" form, and a third verifies the information.
  • Once all data collection is completed, the neighborhood residents return the radar unit to the Community Services Officer along with all Speeding Vehicle Report forms.
  • License numbers of vehicles found to be speeding excessively are run through the Department of Motor Vehicles' database. A list of registered owners and their addresses is compiled. The official description of the vehicle (received from MVA) will be crossed checked with the description of the vehicle given by the citizens.
  • A letter from the Rockville City Police Department is then sent to the registered owners of all matched vehicles. The letter advises them of the observed violation and asks them to encourage drivers of their vehicles to drive at or below the residential speed when traveling on neighborhood streets.
  • The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program encourages safe and prudent driving by motorists traveling on neighborhood streets.

More Information
If you are interested in participating in the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program or have questions, call the community services officer at 240-314-8962.

Please note: This is a Public Awareness Program. The purpose is to inform speeding drivers of the neighborhood's concern or speeding. Registered owners of vehicles found speeding are not fined and no violation is cited on their driving record.