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Programs for Businesses
Business Watch
The Rockville City Police Department has initiated a Business Watch Program--this program is very similar in nature and theory to the Neighborhood Watch Programs practiced throughout the country.

The Business Watch Program encourages local businesses to form a close working relationship with each other and the public safety agencies. The Rockville City Police Department is committed to working with each and every business and neighborhood in our city to meet their police service needs.

Participating Businesses
Participating businesses are provided with crime watch pamphlets, informational tips, access to free of charge security surveys at their request, and a window sticker identifying their business as an active participant of the program.

The participating businesses can fill out an online confidential emergency information form which is kept on file in the communications center in the event of a situation arising which would require the business owner or representative being called after hours.

The program has been successful in involving the business community in a cooperative effort with the police department and the philosophy of neighborhood/community oriented policing. Call 240-314-8910 for more information.

Rockville Employees Assisting the Law (R.E.A.L.--Alerts)
The Rockville City Police Department has initiated a program in which we utilize the eyes, ears, and contacts of fellow City employees, particularly those in the field such as Public Works, Inspection Services, Recreation and Parks, and Utilities.

"Wanted" posters are duplicated on a small 5" x 7" flier and distributed to all City employees in the event they may see the targeted person(s) during the course of their duties or travel throughout the city. A warning is placed on the flier to not attempt to apprehend or intervene in the apprehension of the individual(s) but to notify the police department(s) that are looking for the wanted person.