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Green Power Community Challenge
EPA Green Power PartnershipSupport Rockville in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Power Community Challenge.

EPA hosts this national, year-long challenge to encourage communities coast-to-coast to use renewable energy and fight climate change. As part of the challenge, the City and green energy suppliers track and report the community's collective green power use. Thanks to community-wide efforts, Rockville continues to rank as a leading community for total green power usage.

Rockville's Green Power Results
Total Annual Green Power Usage
Green Power Percentage of Total Electricity Use
2011 67,188,768
2013 111,633,003  11 5.1% 
2014 86,473,413  11 3.9% 
2015 115,233,395  12  26.2% 
2016 97,106,441  15   22.1%
2017  78,354,230 21  17.8% 

Results based on EPA's October 30, 2017 ranking.

Contribute to the Green Power Community Challenge

There are three ways that Rockville residents and businesses can help the City maintain its ranking in the Green Power Community Challenge.
  • Purchase Clean Energy from a Supplier - You can choose a supplier that generates electricity from clean energy sources and your local utility, Pepco, will still deliver the electricity to your home. Each kilowatt-hour of green power used will count toward the challenge goal.
  • Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates - Each Renewable Energy Credit (REC) purchased represents one-megawatt hour of renewable electricity generated and delivered to the grid and the environmental benefit of displacing pollution from traditional fossil fuel energy generation.