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Invasive Species
Native vs Non-Native Invasive Plants 
invasive species identification cardNative species of plants have well-established relationships with other native species, as well as native wildlife, which have evolved over time. Non-native invasive species, on the other hand, do not have any natural herbivores, parasites or diseases to keep them in check and spread from manmade settings (gardens, agricultural areas, etc.) into the wild. Once in the wild, invasive species can reproduce virtually unchecked and displace native species, which can result in ecosystems that lack plant diversity. In worst-case scenarios, invasive species disrupt the function of the entire ecosystem and change the character of the region by altering important processes like fire, nutrient flow and stormwater management.

Avoid Planting Invasive Species 
There are many tools to consider when trying to manage the problem of invasive species. The best way to start is to avoid planting the invasive species at all. Before changing the landscaping in your yard or common areas shared with neighbors, please make sure to select plants that are not on the City’s invasive plant list. You can also explore additional resources to identify plants that are known invasive species in this area.

U.S. Forest Service Invasive Species Program
Maryland State Invasive and Noxious Weed List

City of Rockville’s Invasive Plant Management Program 

The City is trying to manage invasive species that have already escaped into the wild. We are in the beginning stages of developing an invasive plant management plan for our park system.

How Rockville Citizens Can Help

Find out how to remove and control non-native invasives in Rockville with the Weed Warriors Program.