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Rockville provides single-stream recycling collection in the brown cart.
  • Recycling items can be mixed together, no sorting is needed.
  • Place all recycling in the brown cart and place the cart with the wheels to the curb by 6 a.m.
  • Do not block mailboxes or driveways.
  • Keep the lid closed to avoid spilling recyclables.
  • Place oversized items that will not fit in the cart next to the cart and label as recycle.
 Brown recycling cart

Mixed Paper
  • Books – paperback and hard cover
  • Colored paper
  • Greeting cards, postcards, card stock
  • Mail, envelopes (windows okay)
  • Magazines, catalogs
  • Newspapers, advertisements, inserts
  • Paper bags
  • Phone books
  • Shredded paper (place shredded paper in a paper bag within the brown cart)
  • Wrapping paper (no foil)
  • Writing/ledger/fax paper 

  • No paper towels, facial tissues, napkins
  • No cigarette packs
  • No candy wrappers
  • No needles, razor blades, syringes (See Refuse section for disposal)
  • No newspapers in plastic bags.
Cardboard (flattened boxes to maximize cart space)
  • Boxes with/without windows (flatten boxes to maximize cart space
  • Cereal and cake boxes (throw away plastic or wax liners in the gray refuse cart
  • Gift boxes 
  • Milk cartons, juice boxes 
  • Pizza and frozen food boxes 
  • Shoe boxes 
  • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls 
  • Toothpaste and tissue boxes 
  • Wax-coated boxes/containers (frozen food, Chinese take-out
  • Cardboard fast food containers


Tin and Aluminum (must be rinsed, no need to remove labels
  • Aerosol cans (empty, if not see Household Hazardous Waste section for disposal)
  • Metal lids
  • Pet food, soup and vegetable cans (rinse before placing in the cart)
  • Tins from cookies and popcorn

  • No scrap metal (See Metal Recycling
    section for disposal
  • No paint cans
  • No aluminum siding
  • No pots and pans
  • No metal furniture (See Metal Recycling
    section for disposal
  • No propane tanks (See Hazardous
    Household Waste section for disposal
  • No automotive parts (See Metal Recycling for disposal)

  • Foil wrap and aluminum foil 
  • Pie plates 

Food and Beverage Bottles and Jars
(rinsed, no need to remove labels, remove metal lids and place separately in brown cart
  •  Clear and colored glass
  • No glass dishes, glass windows, plates, Pyrex, ceramics, mirrors, light bulbs or crystal (See Refuse section for disposal)

Plastics (lids acceptable, must be rinsed, no need to remove labels)
  • Caps 
  • Cleaner containers (window, toilet, etc.)  
  • Detergent and bleach containers 
  • Flower pots 
  • Food containers (rinse before placing in cart)
  • Furniture 
  • Milk/water jugs  
  • Plastic cups
  • Plastic spoons, forks, knives 
  • Salad dressing and condiment bottles 
  • Shampoo bottles 
  • Soda/juice bottles 
  • Straws 
  • Sunscreen/medicine bottles 
  • Syrup bottles 
  • Toys 
  • Yogurt and margarine containers
  • CD/DVD cases (discs go in gray refuse cart
  • Plastic furniture 
  • Buckets, trash cans, tubs
  • No automotive fluid bottles – oil, antifreeze,
    brake fluid
  • No pesticide containers (*Containers
    that are empty can be placed in the
    gray refuse cart. Filled containers, see Household Hazardous Waste section for disposal
  • No Styrofoam No PVC pipe, rubber tubing
  • No vinyl siding
  • No flexible water hose
  • No clear, clear top/brown bottom, clear top/Styrofoam bottom, or clamshell food containers usually used for take-out food and fruits/vegetables.
  • No plastic bags The City of Rockville will no longer accept plastic bags in City recycling carts. This includes plastic bags grouped into one bag as well as plastic bags used to bundle other materials for recycling. Look for grocery and retail stores with plastic bag collection bins near their entrances.

Recycling and Refuse
questions, concerns, request a cart, report missed collections or schedule a special collection

Ph: 240-314-8568
Ph (TDD): 240-314-8137

Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Animal Control
Removal of dead animals
Ph: 240-314-8930

City Police
Explosives and ammunition
Ph: 240-314-8900