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Special Operations
The Special Operations Bureau
The Special Operations Bureau is commanded by Acting Chief Bob Rappoport and includes: 
  • Criminal Investigations Unit
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Photo Enforcement Unit
  • Street Crimes
  • Town Center Unit
  • Training

Criminal Investigations Unit
The Criminal Investigations Unit is assigned to investigate any district level cases initiated by Rockville City Police Officers. These cases consist of robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, thefts, assaults, sex offenses (other than rape) and missing persons.

Parking Enforcement
The parking enforcement personnel assigned to the Town Center Unit are responsible for enforcement of parking regulations throughout the City with a special emphasis on the Town Center area. They are responsible for maintaining and enforcing the parking meters installed throughout the city. The parking meter system is designed to assist in ensuring a consistent level of turnover of vehicles visiting local business establishments while parking in a convenient location.

Photo Enforcement Unit
The Rockville City Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of violations detected at eight red light cameras operated by the City of Rockville. In addition, the Department operates eight fixed pole, eight portable and two mobile speed cameras. The ultimate goal of Rockville's traffic safety programs is to save lives and prevent injuries.

Street Crimes Unit
The Street Crimes Unit is a team of officers whose primary objective is to reduce serious and pattern criminal activity in the City of Rockville through a variety of methods and strategies, directly impacting quality of life issues in the areas where they are deployed.

Town Center Unit
The Town Center Unit is made up of a sergeant and two officers. This unit is responsible for patrolling Rockville Town Center and Town Square. This unit also maintains a strong liaison relationship with the residents and merchants in both Rockville Town Center and Town Square, responding to their issues and concerns.

Traffic Unit
The Traffic Unit is an assignment of uniformed police officers to address specific neighborhood concerns and complaints. The primary concerns addressed by this unit are traffic-related issues.

The Traffic Unit utilizes many strategies to address neighborhood complaints. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Radar / laser enforcement
  • Officer Tuttle decoy program
  • Speed indicator
  • Marked and unmarked vehicles
  • Motorcycle patrol