Development in Rockville is subject to the city’s Forest and Tree Preservation Ordinance Chapter 10.5 of the City Code (FTPO). Supplemental information required by the ordinance is found in the city’s Forest Conservation Manual and the city’s Environmental Guidelines. The review process incorporates industry standards and best management practices. For an overview of the ordinance, review the Forest Conservation Manual. For more information, contact , Principal  Planner, Shaun Ryan of Urban Forestry and Landscape Architecture, at 240-314-8233 or at

The purpose of FTPO chapter is to:

  • Encourage the preservation and enhancement of Rockville’s urban forests.
  • Replace tree cover in non-forest areas within the city.
  • Establish procedures, standards and requirements that protect trees and forests during and after development activity, and minimize tree loss due to development.
  • Establish procedures, standards and requirements for afforestation and reforestation of land within the city.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act - Natural Resources Article, Sections 5-1601 through 5-1613 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Forestry Information, Applications and Templates

Information and Applications
Forest and Tree Preservation Ordinance (FTPO) Process Basics
Forestry Fees
Natural Resource Inventory/Forest Stand Delineation Application 
Natural Resource Inventory/Forest Stand Delineation Checklist 
Forest Conservation Plan Application
Forest Conservation Plan Checklist
Forestry Permit

Legal Templates
Forestry Conservation and Maintenance Performance Bond 
Forestry Cash Bond Form 
Forestry Letter of Credit 
The template for the Five-Year Warranty and Maintenance Agreement is available upon request.
The template for the Forest Conservation Easement and Declaration of Covenants is available upon request.

Notes, Details and Required Plan Preparation Charts
Forest Conservation Plan Notes
Soil Profile Rebuilding Specifications
Planting Notes for Landscape Plans

Charts and Details
A-1 Shade Tree Planting Detail
A-2 Evergreen Tree Planting Detail
A-3 Root Pruning Detail
A-4 under review
A-5 Deer Rub Protection Detail
A-6 Tree Protection Fence Detail
A-7 Soil Rehabilitation Detail
A-8 Established Tree Soil Aeration Detail
A-9 Permanent Forest Conservation Easement Signage
A-10 Trunk Protection Detail
Approved Crape Myrtle Cultivar List

CTLA (Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers) Rating Template - under review
Natural Resource Inventory-Forest Conservation Plan General Notes Template
Natural Resources Inventory/Forest Conservation Plan required Plan Charts- Multiple Tabs - under review