Storm Drain Murals

 Local artists were selected to help educate the public about the impact our local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay by painting five murals on storm drains in the Twinbrook neighborhood. Each artist used original mural designs to reflect topics related to how storm drains—and what goes into them—impact the health of local waterways. Themes included streams, rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, native plants and wildlife, and pollution.


No Filter Please Dont Litter Mural

Henry Marnghitr 

No Filter, Please Don't Litter

Gaya Iyengar Mural

Gaya Iyengar

Clean Streams, Clean You

Native Plants Need People Mural

Lauren Lawrence

Native Plants Need People

Asian American LEAD Group Mural

A Peek at Our Chesapeake

Asian American LEAD

Beauty And Brains Mural

Sara Moline

Beauty and Brains