1251 West Montgomery Avenue

Case # STP2017-00300
Level 2 Site Plan for a proposed Self-Storage Facility

Attachments: Project Description (PDF), Site Plan (PDF)Related Cases: PAM2016-00093
Date Application Received11/09/2016Received
Application Deemed Complete11/18/2016Accepted as Complete
Post-Application Area Meeting12/06/2016Meeting Held
Development Review Committee Meeting12/15/2016Meeting Held
Planning Commission Meeting04/26/2017Approved by Planning Commission

Case # PAM2016-00093
Pre-application submittal for a proposed self-storage facility

Attachments: Project Description (PDF), Site Plan (PDF)
Project Location
Related Cases: None
Date Application Received04/01/2016Received
Application Deemed Complete04/08/2016Accepted as Complete
Pre-Application Area Meeting03/10/2016Meeting Held
Development Review Committee Meeting05/05/2016Meeting Held

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