Map Tips

These tips pertain to web maps which have headers looking like this:

New Map Header

  • The About  About Button  button on the toolbar opens a map user guide.
  • To display information about a map feature (area, line, or marker) when using an address search requires clicking on the map after the address location is found.
  • The display of information about a map feature when using a search for an attribute value, e.g., the name of a park, will occur automatically when a feature is found, and the feature will be highlighted with a bright line.
  • Displaying information about a map feature without performing a search is accomplished by zooming and panning to a feature location and then clicking on the feature in the map.
  • Displayed information may include more than one page. Look for a page count on the left in the title bar and paging arrows on the right to indicate this.
  • To find out what Searches are available for a map, use the About button to open the map user guide or check the Search box itself for hints written in the box or hover the cursor over the Search box.
  • When the Search function offers multiple search categories, the search can be limited to a single category by clicking the down arrow to the left of the search box and then selecting the search type.
  • To view the symbology for the features appearing on the map, open the Legend  Legend Button  tool on the toolbar.
  • The Basemap Gallery  Basemaps Gallery Button  offers alternative map backgrounds including aerial images. Aerial images offer a choice of plain or with street labels. Rockville aerial images will show their acquisition year.
  • Using the Print  Print Button  tool does not open the printer function but rather it creates a PDF which can be printed directly or saved and then printed.
  • To access to additional tools, open the More  More Button  tool on the toolbar.
  • The Measurement tool can be used to display latitude and longitude coordinates when clicking on the map.