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Rockville 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update Underway

The city is working to update the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan to gauge how the city will be twenty years from now and what it will take to get there. Find out more on the Rockville 2040 webpage.

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Adopted Comprehensive Master Plan and Amendments

The current Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted in 2002 and has been amended and expanded since that time. The following documents all help guide Rockville’s future by setting visions, goals and policies for managing growth and community assets.

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Comprehensive Master Plan

Adopted 2002

Rockville’s Comprehensive Master Plan describes the broad vision for the city’s future. It is the core philosophy that guides development, conservation and capital improvement projects to improve the quality of life in the Rockville community. During the life of the master plan’s 20-year time frame, decisions are made on land use issues and budget priorities and these decisions are guided by the extent to which they correspond with the master plan. View the Comprehensive Master Plan by chapter.

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Neighborhood Plans

Neighborhood plans provide the city and its residents and businesses the chance to clarify and refine the Comprehensive Master Plans visions and goals for specific areas in the city. Adopted plans are based on community-identified goals and Mayor and Council priorities and must comply with state planning requirements and are generally adopted for a specific city planning area. Some neighborhood plans precede the 2002 Master Plan and remain in effect while others were adopted since 2002 to update the city’s goals and policies for these particular areas.

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Bikeway Master Plan

Adopted 2017

The Rockville Bikeway Master Plan provides a vision for a safe and efficient multimodal transportation system within the City of Rockville. First adopted in 1981, the Plan was updated in 1998 and again in 2004 to reflect new opportunities for network expansion and program development.

The 2017 Rockville Bikeway Master Plan builds on the great accomplishments of the past with an emphasis on greater network connectivity and promotion of cycling as a legitimate means of transport to be considered as part of all urban design, land use planning, transport planning and the planning and delivery of major projects.

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Heritage Area Amendment

Adopted 2013

On January 28, 2013, the Mayor and Council adopted an amendment to Rockville’s Comprehensive Master Plan to join the Montgomery County Heritage Area and adopt the Montgomery County Heritage Area Management Plan. Through this amendment, the City is able to participate in this State’s economic development program, known as a Heritage Enterprise Zone. Benefits include eligibility for grants and loan assistance for acquisition, development, public interpretation, and programming, as well as tax incentives for the rehabilitation of non-designated historic buildings and non-historic buildings in active tourism use.

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Municipal Growth Element

Adopted 2010

On December 13, 2010, the Mayor and Council amended the Comprehensive Master Plan to adopt a new state-mandated Municipal Growth Element (MGE). The MGE examines how and where population and employment growth is likely to occur and assesses the impacts of projected growth on public services and infrastructure, with a focus on police, fire and emergency medical services, schools, libraries and parks. It also expanded Rockville’s Maximum Expansion Limit (MEL), which are areas just beyond the City boundaries that Rockville would consider annexing if the property owners were interested in becoming part of Rockville.

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Water Resources Element

Adopted 2010

On December 13, 2010, the Mayor and Council amended the Comprehensive Master Plan to adopt a new state-mandated Water Resources Element (WRE) consisting of analyses of the City’s long-term water and wastewater capacity. The document concludes that Rockville’s infrastructure in these areas will be able to accommodate projected population increases through 2040. The WRE also addresses water resource protection, ground water resources, water quality standards and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).

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Recreation and Parks Strategic Plan

Approved 2020 (not formally a part of the Comprehensive Plan)

The City of Rockville Recreation and Parks Department Strategic Plan provides the Department a roadmap for addressing community needs for the next five years. This plan details the current state of the system while identifying focus areas based on a comprehensive assessment of the community’s vision and their priorities. 
The Plan updates and replaces the Recreation, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS) approved in 2009.

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