Rockville Needs to Hear from You!

Rockville 2040 is the process to update the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan. It involves a community conversation on the future of the city. The process will result in updated policies on land use, the environment, transportation, community facilities, parks, housing, historic preservation, economic development, and water resources that anticipate the next twenty years in Rockville. We encourage you to get involved and give us your comments!

What's Happening Now

Preparing Staff Drafts
Planning staff is working to complete draft elements of the Comprehensive Master Plan update. Once drafts are ready for review, the Planning Commission will hold public meetings to review and discuss them before passing their recommendations on to the Mayor and Council.

Working with Neighborhoods to refine the Plan
Planning staff is working with various neighborhoods and property owners as the draft plan is completed, including work in Twinbrook, the West End, East Rockville, Rockshire, College Gardens, and more.

Visit the Meeting Results and Materials page to view all exhibits and meeting results from past Rockville 2040 public meetings.

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Learn More About the Master Plan Update and Get Involved

Read community input received so far

View materials and results from past citywide forums, listening sessions, and the project kick-off meeting on the Meeting Results and Materials page.

Trends Reports provide context for Rockville 2040 Master Plan Update

To understand conditions in the city as they stand today, city departments are preparing trends reports in several key topic areas that will inform the Master Plan Update. Topic areas include Community Facilities, Economy, Environment, Historic Preservation, Housing, Land Use, and Transportation. Comments are welcome and will be appended to the final reports.